Engineered and manufactured in Japan by Canycom, the hardworking Razorback All Terrain ride-on mower performs in conditions that would destroy normal equipment. It is the Ultimate Ride On Brush Cutter – Seeing is Believing!

With superb design and stability on slopes, these machines can tackle extreme terrain with ease. The unique diff lock allows it to climb and traverse country that would make a 4wd tractor nervous. With an extremely low operator position you can safely cut around obstacles and under low trees. And the shaft drive deck gives the Razorback the ability to plough through grass and brush that a mower of twice the power would generally stall on. Imagine the convenience of no more belt hassles!
Put this mower to the test on your property today – Cuts more than grass!

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  • 2WD 1401

    Incredible all terrain mower to go places your old mower couldn't. Low centre of gravity and the ability to cut…Sold By : SME Specialised Mowing Equipment
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  • 4WD 1402

    Handle steep slopes and heavy brush with ease with these 4WD mowers. The entry level 4WD unit featuring the F1…Sold By : SME Specialised Mowing Equipment
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  • 4WD 186

    The first of our "Big Twins" with a twin cylinder, chain driven, overhead cam engine developing 18 horsepower output.Sold By : SME Specialised Mowing Equipment
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  • 4WD 227

    The unit that created the original F1 chassis with all of the features that now denote the Razorback platform.Sold By : SME Specialised Mowing Equipment
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