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Introducing the Turflynx F315. The first driverless mower that saves you as much as 80% in operational costs. The Turflynx F315 is autonomous and has the following features and benefits:


Features and benefits:

100% electric engine reducing its carbon footprint
has no hydraulics, no noises and no tail-pipe emissions which means no leaks and safer greener fairways
extremely quiet operation
no maintenance headaches, uses top quality of-the-shelf cutter heads, similar to existing reel mowers, meaning seamless integration with existing maintenance schedules 
programmable when and where you want through an app on your smartphone, tablet or even desktop computer independent of what operating system you currently have
simple to operate
performs seamlessly without human intervention, getting the job done every time with precision and millimetric accuracy. The machine will be more accurate than most human operators!
provide greenkeepers with better information to improve decision making
efficiency of resources – less “chemical” helpers,smaller operational budgets and smaller maintenance teams saves you as much as 80% in operational costs.

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Safety Systems:

The Turflynx is extremely safe, with not just one safety redundancy, but three safety redundancies. What this means is that the Turflynx F315 autonomous mower has 3 lines of defense in order to keep players, the environment and the machine safe.

1) Individual Mechanical Bumpers for each front cutting unit as well as a Chasis Bumper Mechanism. Should either of the bumper mechanisms be activated in the unlikely event of a collision with an obstacle it will immediately stop operation, as it is electronically connected so that if engaged, the whole mower is prevented from moving at all in either MANUAL or AUTO mode.
2) Laser Range Finder – emits a safe laser pulse in a narrow beam of light in a 270 degree angle from the front of the machine and if it detects an object within 2 metres will automatically stop the machine until the object moves. If the object doesn’t move activates an alert to the grounds keeper.
3) Radar – to detect people and objects in blind spots, significantly reducing collisions – The radar mounted in F315 machines uses FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) radar system technology and is designed to detect people and objects in blind spots, significantly reducing collisions. Detects stationary and moving objects, working effectively in harsh environments and in poor visibility.  In general, it can reliably detect most objects in most environmental conditions such as dirt, dust, rain, snow, sun, fog, darkness, acoustic noise, mechanical vibration, electromagnetic noise or similar.

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The Turflynx F315 Autonomous Fairway Mower delivers the best quality cut and service whilst using fewer resources. The Turflynx F315 is the future of mowing and it’s available now at SME Mowers the Australian National Distributor for the future of mowing.

Sold By : SME Specialised Mowing Equipment
Turflynx Autonomous Mower Hero Shot
Multiple mowing patterns available100% Electric Turflynx Autonomous mowerMowing fairways has never been so quietBeautiful accurate mowing stripes with Turflynx F315 Autonomous MowerNo hydraulics, no leaks with Turflynx F315 Autonomous MowerTurflynx F315 Autonomous Mower contour mowing with precision

Product Description

Number of mowing units 3
Width of mowing unit 22″ (55cm)
Total mowing width 61 ” (1.55m)
Mowing units power source Electric
Mowing units power 1,000 W (1.3 hp) per reel
Mowing height 1.8 – 25 mm
Number of helicoidal blades 7/11 (optional)



Total traction power  5.7kW (7.2 bhp)
 Wheel traction power  172 Nm
 Mowing speed  10 km/h
 Maximum slope  16 degrees
 Roll over angle  22 degrees
 Total weight

(including batteries and mowing units)

 640 kg


 Battery chemistry  Lithium-Iron Phosphate
 Charge capacity  15 kWh
 Number of cycles 2,000
 Charger current 60 A
 Charging time  4-5 hours
 Mowing autonomy  > 7 fairways (>3.5 ha)


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