BOB-CAT Mowers

Mid-mount zero-turn mowers built tough enough for the harsh Australian conditions, which gives them a reputation for tackling the most challenging mowing jobs. The straight-forward simple design and easy maintenance reduces your mowing time. BOB-CAT - Leader of the Pack!

Green Climber

Green Climber is a remote controlled machine with a flail cutting head and with undercarriage tracks. Its main feature is the fact that it can be used without an operator on board and it can tackle steep gradients up to more than 60º uphill, downhill and diagonally thanks to the extendable undercarriage tracks which enable a better grip on the terrain.

Razorback Mowers

All Terrain ride-on mowers that not only power right through heavy brush and lantana with ease, but also cut your lawn. Certified to work on slopes up to 30 degrees, they easily perform in conditions that would destroy normal equipment. UNSTOPPABLE!

Walker Mowers

Out front, zero-turn mowers, well-known for their unique GHS (Grass Handling System) that produces a beautiful, vacuumed lawn finish. Compact & maneuverable, the Walker Mower makes quick work of any lawn, and the low centre of gravity makes them among the safest mowers on slopes. A superior finish every time.

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